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I'd really like one of those guides!

Do you have anything in particular you want me to talk about?

Would anyone be interested in a guide type of thing about marijuana? It would be more about the laws and slang of it all: everything you’d need for a stoner character or a character that’s an advocate. It could also be useful if your roleplay was based in California or had a drugs or partying element. Tell me what you think?



A few years ago, I was part of a lovely rp you might remember as elysiumisland. Their main plot was about an island that was considered paradise. It was a safe haven for mutants that were seeking safety from the mutants on the Mainland. Another large part of their plot was the divide between the “good” and the “corrupt” mutants. The Good half believed that humans were equal and strives to bridge the gap between mutants and humans to reach peace. The Corrupt half however considered themselves superior to humans and wanted to displace them from power.

Now today I found an RP with a very similar plot. Their plot is about a mutant island that is a sanctuary to mutants with a divide between Peaceful and Righteous mutants, much like the plot of Elysium. And as if that wasn’t fishy enough, I noticed that it was run by one of Elysium’s old members. 

I’ve messaged them and they’ve refused to respond so I’ve decided to go public with this information.

preterislandrp is a ripoff of elysiumisland. They may not have taken the work word for word, but they did steal the bare bones of another RP and are trying to call it their own. They have slightly reworded almost everything they have and it’s an insult to the original RP and Admins. One of the admins [ cecaelias ] copyrighted the content of the original RP before it closed and is looking into taking legal action if the RP is not taken down.

Please reblog this to spread the word. Please do not join preterisland, an RP that has stolen someone else’s plot and ideas.

Thank you.


Could you do a manip of Mario Casas and Lily Collins? I love your manips, they are so great!<3

Mario doesn’t have a lot of good HQ pictures, but I will try. 


Can you make a manip of Holland Roden and Matt Bomer? :)

I’ll try my best! It’ll be up tonight or tomorrow.


Can you do Grant Gustin and Lily Collins manip? By the way your manips are on point!

Thank you so much, babe! I actually already did one of them that you can find here. If you want me to try another I can, but it might be hard.


your manips are honestly amazing i love them

Oh my god, thank you! I put a lot of time into them so it means the world to me that you say that! 


→ brenton thwaites and jodie comer manip ←

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→ chris evans and lily collins manip ←

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Brenton Thwaites and Jodie Comer manip please?

Neither of them have the best HQ pictures, but I think I can do it. It’ll posted today or tomorrow.